Steel Pipe Welding Machine company, Butwāl
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Steel Pipe Welding Machine company

2021-04-20 09:04   Electronics & Appliances   Butwāl   225 views

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Automatic pipe welding machine is used to produce industrial metal pipe processing equipment. The pipes produced by the industrial pipe making machine meet the requirements of industrial pipes, and can be used in many industrial fields such as petrochemical, paper, food, beverage, medicine and other industries that require high fluid media.
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Pipe MaterialStainless Steel
ApplicationInfrastructure, Oil, chemical
Place of OriginGuangdong, China
Brand NameVello
ColorAs you choose
Pipe shapeRound/Square/Rect
Useful lifetime40 years
Warranty1 year
Welding MachinePlasma
Horizontal shaft130mm
Vertical shaft90mm
Tube rangeOD 219- 630mm
Production Capacity1m/5min
Operation description of automatic pipe welding machine:
1. Temperature: Before heating, the tube blank must be guided by guide rollers to ensure that the tube seam is not deflected. Under the action of the high-intensity current in the inductor, the welding temperature can be reached quickly, and the welding purpose can be achieved under the action of the squeeze roller.
2. Pressure: The squeeze roller should apply sufficient welding pressure on the edge of the tube blank, and the welding pressure is one of the main factors affecting the welding quality. If the pressure is too low, the bonding force between the molten metals is small, the inclusions with low melting point are not easy to be extruded, and the pressure is too low, the weld is easy to crack. If the pressure is too high, it will be easy to overlap, and the weld will have large burrs inside and outside, and uneven planing, which will affect the appearance. Therefore, the extrusion volume of the extrusion roller should be moderate. In order to ensure the integrity, uniformity and continuity of the welding rod in the pipeline, avoid the occurrence of overlap.
3. The opening angle and length of the weld (referring to the angle between the two edges of the tube blank before the squeeze roll) usually vary between 4-7 degrees. The size of the opening angle is related to the stability of the combustion process, which has a great influence on the welding quality. Reducing the opening angle can enhance the approaching effect, increase the heating temperature of the edge, and the welding speed, but the opening angle should not be too small, which will make the distance from the confluence point to the extrusion centerline longer, and cause the edge to be at the highest temperature Exhaust extrusion and reduce welding quality. When the opening angle is too small, the liquid will move to the welding point under the action of the magnetic field lines (the maximum density of the magnetic field lines at the V-shaped angle), and form large deep pits that are difficult to suppress due to excessive explosion, which will affect the welding quality: if the opening angle is too large , Will reduce the proximity effect, reduce the welding speed, and increase power consumption. The distance between the centerline of the extrusion roll and the inductor is the length of the opening angle. The length of the opening angle will increase the resistance of the weld and reduce the effective value of the current. Therefore, without affecting the welding quality, the length of the opening angle should be adjusted according to different specifications.
4. Due to the high frequency of eddy current welding, as the welding speed increases, the resistance of the electromagnetic rod will drop sharply. Adequate cooling, if the cooling is not good, it will cause the electromagnetic rod to break and affect the welding quality. After the opening is adjusted correctly, the position of the magnet bar should be adjusted according to the welding temperature. Generally, one end of the magnet bar should be placed in the center of the two squeezing rollers.Steel Pipe Welding Machine company

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